Business Plans

MIDTS works alongside clients to identity develop and implement winning business plans that align resources and technology

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Marketing Strategy

Proper market research helps you to understand the demand of the products as well as services in the market

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Recruitment/ Staff provision

We at MIDTS assist you in enlisting the requirements of job and help you through recruitment

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Contract Negotiation/Risk Assessment

Once the initial assent is obtained than comes the next part the most important part “Contract Negotiation” .

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Advise and Assistance In Organizational Structure and Functioning

Through the ‘organizational structure’ of an enterprise one can understand the core values, the principals, characters and most importantly ‘why it’s an ideal place’ to businesses

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Advise and Assistance In Oprational Functions

Operational management is like the engine of any business. Selling of product or service of business depends on its operational efficiency.

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Expansion Strategy Critical Analysis & Correction

MIDTS take pride in claiming that we are the best Expansion Strategy consultants in general.

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Customer Service Training

Our customer service training programs can do everything from helping your organization develop strategy….

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Time Management Training

Time is the most valuable asset for all the business owners- irrespective of the size of their businesses…

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Competitive Analysis & Recommendation

In order to remain in market it is important to keep yourself up-to-date with the strategies of your competitors

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Supplementary Services

Business Financing Advice
Hypothetical Scenarios & Business Modeling
Project/Product/Service Launch &Management
IT Consultancy

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MIDTS Team is expert of using tools and techniques such as Porter’s five forces, PEST, McKinsey 7s Framework, IFE & EFE Matrices and SWOT analysis respectively to determine the potency and viability of any business and provide with suitable advice based on knowledge, outcome of analysis and experience.

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